Our story

We started out as outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying hiking, camping, and any activity that brought us closer to nature. However, as 2020 arrived, our favorite campgrounds and wilderness spots became increasingly crowded due to the pandemic lockdown, as more people turned to the outdoors for entertainment.

Determined to continue exploring and enjoying the great outdoors, we began to build up our rigs and venture into off-grid and off-road locations such as mountains, deserts, canyons, and other remote areas. Our passion for Overlanding begun. Our group of outdoor enthusiasts grew in numbers and enthusiasm as we discovered new places to explore.

As individuals with a background in clothing, we realized that there wasn't a brand that represented the culture of Overlanding. We decided to create a brand that serves the community of Overlanding culture. Created for everyone who Overlands, no matter what stage of overlanding they are currently in.

Thus, OVRLND Supply Co was born. A brand that features innovative design with the quality that all outdoor enthusiasts expect. Welcome to OVRLND Supply Co, where we push forward the culture and lifestyle of Overlanding.